Medexus Pharma USA

A Fully Integrated Specialty Pharmaceutical Company

Medexus Pharma USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Medexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Medexus Pharma USA focuses on the development and commercialization of novel treatments for autoimmune diseases, oncology, and other near market opportunities.

The company leverages its core capabilities in development, operations, and commercialization, its business development efforts, as well as numerous partnerships to create opportunities for significant medical advancements to help improve patients’ lives.

Personalized Medicine for Patients

Medexus Pharma USA develops mid-to-late stage molecules, drug dosage forms, concentrations, and modes of delivery that have the potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing medicines.

The company’s personalized approach to medicine is driven by the idea that patients should have the ability to manage their own therapies and have access to greater treatment options.

About Medexus

About Medexus

Medexus Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a leading innovative and rare disease pharmaceutical company with a focus on the therapeutic areas of rheumatology, auto-immune disease, specialty oncology, allergy, and pediatric diseases.

About Us

Product Portfolio

Our highly diversified product portfolio and growing pipeline features several leading products such as Rasuvo, Metoject, Rupall, Treosulfan, and Gleolan.

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